Looking for a way to further your involvement and professional development with CRLA? Working with the International Mentor Training Program Certification (IMTPC) program is a great way to learn more about peer mentoring, network with colleagues, and further engage with the CRLA organization! The Assistant Coordinator of IMTPC works collaboratively with the IMTPC Coordinator to promote, support, and award our international mentor training certification levels to best practice programs around the world.



The Certifications Director will be appointed by the President and shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors. This position serves to oversee both (and any future) certification programs for CRLA. This director will work to make the Tutor Training and the Mentor Training programs as parallel and consistent in terms of policies, procedures, review, etc. as possible. This director also serves as a liaison between the coordinators of each program and the board.

The term of office is three years and may be renewed.

Minimum Qualifications

The Certifications Director must have been a member of CRLA for three years and had some CRLA leadership experience as a reviewer or coordinator with the certification programs (IMTPC, ITTPC).

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Oversees certification activities, including ITTPC, IMTPC, CLADEA endorsement and coordination, and other potential certification opportunities.
  2. Serves as the “face” of CRLA for those seeking certification. Undertake recruitment activities and PR for CRLA certification programs, including potential representation at CLADEA and S/R/C conferences.
  3. Develops, updates, and simplifies certification recruitment materials (both traditional paper and technology-based) in collaboration with TEI.
  4. Corresponds with members, prospective members, and other organizations regarding CRLA certifications.
  5. Serves as the point person with Technical Enterprises, Inc. (TEI), the management company for certification issues.
  6. Works with the IMTPC coordinator and the ITTPC coordinator to report their needs and updates to the Board.
  7. Monitors and updates information posted on the website. Coordinates with the website manager or coordinators regarding the posting of documents. Helps to maintain the certification portion of the webpage.
  8. Provides oversight of the videos that Innovative Educators creates that have CRLA tutor or mentor training topics (after the first round of videos in 2013).

General Responsibilities of all CRLA Board members

  1. Maintains current membership in CRLA throughout term of office.
  2. Attends all CRLA Board Meetings.
  3. Annual conference meetings before and after the conference;
  4. On-site Conference meeting in the spring;
  5. Monthly online meetings;
  6. Any other assigned meetings such as a retreat.
  7. Attends all CRLA Conferences which includes special conference events and the annual business meeting.
  8. Provides input into agendas, policies, procedures, discussions, appointments, and reports.
  9. Submits an annual report by September 30th of each year.
  10. Submits a projected budget to the Treasurer by December 15th of each year.
  11. Attends assigned conferences or meetings as approved by the CRLA Board.
  12. Submits copies of appropriate correspondence or reports to the archives (as determined by official CRLA policy).
  13. Signs a conflict of interest statement according to Article 5, Section 3 of the CRLA Bylaws and to be filed with the Secretary of CRLA.
  14. Revises any suggested changes to job description during term and update job description at end of term. Provide to the CRLA Secretary.
  15. Works with the Board during the year before the end of term to identify and mentor a successor.
  16. Performs other specific duties assigned by the Board.

Reimbursement for Conference and Board Meeting Expenses

All reasonable transportation, hotel, meal expenses, and conference registration will be covered for the annual conference. This includes incoming Board members. Membership fees are the responsibility of each Board member and are not reimbursed by CRLA unless they are a lifetime member. All reasonable transportation, hotel, and meal expenses will be covered for travel on CRLA business such as attendance at state conferences, or sister organizations meetings.

Accepting this position allows CRLA to publish name, work address, and work telephone number.

(Revised November 2014; June 2016; November 2016)