Managing the Journal of College Reading and Learning (JCRL) is a great way to learn more about research in our fields, network with colleagues, and further engage with the CRLA organization! The JCRL Editors work collaboratively with the Publications Director to promote, support, and publish current research and articles by researchers and practictioners in fields of reading, learning assistance, developmental education, tutoring, and mentoring.



Solicits manuscripts for JCRL, oversees review process, and coordinates work of editorial advisory board. Compiles volume and coordinates publication process. 

Application for this position includes a cover letter to the CRLA Board, vitae for team members, letter(s) of institutional support, and sample materials supporting the application, such as previously published articles and edited publications.

The term of office is three years and may be renewed.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Prior membership in CRLA of at least three years is required.
  2. Prior relevant editing and publishing experience.
  3. Evidence of institutional support.
  4. Previous record of publication and scholarship in fields associated with CRLA.
  5. Maintain current membership in CRLA throughout term of appointment.

Editorial Responsibilities

  1. Solicit manuscripts for possible publication in JCRL.
  2. Utilize the ScholarOne platform for manuscript submissions, reviews, revisions, decisions, and processing.
  3. Maintain clear and consistent communication with manuscript authors, using ScholarOne as appropriate.
  4. Construct and modify a journal-specific style sheet in conjunction with Taylor & Francis.
  5. Follow the Taylor & Francis journal production overview guide.
  6. Track manuscript activity and ensure timely manuscript communication and decisions.
  7. Ensure all manuscripts are double-masked reviews.
  8. Correspond with authors as needed regarding content of articles, clarifications about decision letters, and inquiries about the publication process.
  9. Write decision letters to authors.
  10. Edit and proofread each manuscript accepted for publication.
  11. Ensure accuracy of citations and DOIs as appropriate.
  12. Edit and proofread galleys at all levels, through final proofing.
  13. Correspond with editors of other journals as necessary.
  14. Write appropriate articles for inclusion in CRLA NewsNotes.

Executive Responsibilities

  1. Work with the Taylor & Francis production team to ensure that copyright release forms are received from authors before article publication.
  2. Maintain clear and consistent communications with Taylor & Francis on all production-related journal matters.
  3. Refer all other matters (beyond journal production) to the Publications Director, who serves as the primary Board liaison to Taylor & Francis.
  4. Propose and present a session at each annual CRLA conference encouraging manuscript submissions of high quality.
  5. Supervise the JCRL table in the exhibits area at each annual CRLA conference.
  6. Communicate with the CRLA Publications Director regularly.
  7. Chair the Editorial Advisory Board and preside at editorial board meeting event at each annual CRLA conference.
  8. Work with Editorial Advisory Board to select recipient of outstanding JCRL article award and notify CRLA President and Scholarships & Awards Chair before September Board meeting that a plaque and award check will be needed for conference awards ceremony.
  9. Submit written report to the CRLA President by September 30th annually.
  10. Submit a projected budget to the Treasurer prior to December 15th annually.
  11. Contact CRLA Board for any suggested changes to job description during term, and update this job description at end of term.
  12. Select, obtain any needed funding, train, and supervise an editorial assistant (if one will be included on the editorial team).
  13. Serve on CRLA Publications Committee.

Reimbursement for Non-Board Members (updated May 2015)

The CRLA Executive Board establishes a travel funding policy for CRLA leaders who are not members of the Board but may be required to perform some of their responsibilities at the annual CRLA conference. Funding requests will be funded by the Board up to $1200 depending on the total award amount available each year. The Leader Travel Request Form should be submitted in writing to the President of CRLA by June 15 to be considered for that year’s conference. Proposals will be evaluated by the Board on the basis of benefit to the Association and the members of CRLA, the extent to which they demonstrate CRLA’s Mission and Guiding Principles, and on a “funds available” basis. Proposals should include an explanation of the reasons for the request, the purpose of travel, benefits to CRLA, and an itemized list of expenses. For additional information, please see the “Travel Funding Policy for Committee Chairs, Coordinators, and Other Leaders” and Leader Travel Request Form available on the CRLA website at Leadership/Leader Forms/ Committee Chairs and Coordinators.

Accepting this position allows CRLA to publish name, work address, and work telephone number.

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