CRLA Board Elected Positions

President-Elect (election held every year)

  • After one year, this position transitions to


  • After one year, this position transitions to


Secretary (election held in years evenly divisible by 3; next election being held in February 2024)

Treasurer (election held in year after Secretary; next election in 2025)


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CRLA Election Cycle

Summer/Fall – The Election Committee Chair is appointed by the President (typically it is the Past-Past-President). The Chair convenes an Election Committee and solicits nominations from the CRLA membership for open positions.

Annual Conference (October/November) – An open session is held for interested parties to discuss open positions. The Election Committee meets to discuss potential nominees.

January – The Election Committee submits to the Board candidates for President-Elect and any other open position, along with letters of interest, letters of institutional support, and verification that candidates have been CRLA members for at least 5 years. Potential candidates for the election must be submitted by the Chair to the CRLA Board of Directors by January 31; the Board votes on the slate at their February meeting.

February/March – Candidate information is posted on the CRLA website and circulated to membership. Voting occurs electronically in March or April; terms begin at the conclusion of the Annual Conference in the fall.


All candidates for elected positions must submit the following to the Election Committee Chair, which will be posted to the CRLA website.

  • Present Position (at respective institutions)

  • Education

  • Experience (about 75-100 words)

  • CRLA Activities

  • Goal Statement (about 150-200 words)