The 2022 CRLA Election voting period opens Tuesday, February 22, 2022 and closes on Monday, March 7, 2022 at 11:59pm EST. All current CRLA members will receive an electronic ballot via email on February 22. Please review the following information before voting.


Candidates for President-Elect


 Jon Mladic

Present Affiliation & Education: Jon Mladic is the Dean of Library and Learning Services at Rasmussen University. He earned his undergraduate degree and secondary teaching certification at Illinois Wesleyan University, and he completed his Master’s degree at DePaul University.

Experience: Mr. Mladic began his professional career as a high school English teacher. He came to the field of learning assistance in 2008 as a Learning Center Coordinator. In this role, he managed work-study peer tutors, ran tutor trainings, facilitated study skills workshops, worked with students on academic warning/probation, and taught Success Strategies and developmental English courses. As the Dean of Library and Learning Services, he oversees 6 full-time Learning Services Coordinators and academic support programming that includes a CRLA-certified Peer Tutor training program and a CRLA-certified Peer Educator training program.

CRLA Activities: A great deal of Mr. Mladic’s professional development throughout his career can be attributed to CRLA. As a new professional, aligning his institution’s peer tutor training to ITTPC standards helped him grow. Joining CRLA’s Learning Assistance Center Management Special Interest Group (SIG) helped him feel connected to professional peers and provided the opportunity to present pre-conference institutes at the annual conference alongside fellow SIG members. This led to the opportunity to serve as the leader for this CRLA SIG from 2014-2018. Since 2018, Mr. Mladic has served on the CRLA board as the Professional Development Director. This role has involved advocating for SRCs and SIGs, helping establish a new SRC in Japan, and launching CRLA’s first webinars. On the board, he leads the Partnership Committee and SRC/SIG Committee and is a member of the Ethics Committee. His recent focus has been on working with CRLA’s partners to update and renew existing MOUs so that CRLA’s positive relationships with partners continues to flourish.

Goal Statement: If I am fortunate enough to be elected to this position, my goals would center around building collaboration and community within CRLA. My primary aim would be to leverage technology in ways that increase the availability of professional development opportunities for CRLA members. More specifically, to establish sustainable ways for CRLA to use technology to virtually engage members in consistent and meaningful professional development. Having several opportunities to engage with others throughout the year can enhance the tremendous experience of the in-person annual conference, and this approach offers the additional benefit of building community among CRLA members not able to attend the annual conference. Doing so can also help achieve a second goal: expanding leadership opportunities available to CRLA members, and increasing awareness of those opportunities. There are so many talented and innovative CRLA members! I would love to provide additional avenues for them to share their best practices and network with other members. By intentionally encouraging all members to engage in leadership opportunities within CRLA, we can ensure that the organization will continue to offer escalating levels of professional growth for professionals throughout their career and that members are well-prepared to lead the organization in the years to come.



 Crystal Bickford

Present Position: Associate Professor of English at Southern New Hampshire University.


  • B.A. in English (concentration in literature) from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • M.A. in Professional Writing (concentration in public relations) from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • Ph.D. (concentration in rhetoric and composition) from Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Graduate Certificate (concentration in chaplaincy) from Northeastern Seminary (within Roberts Wesleyan College)

Experience: Dr. Bickford brings thirty years of experience to her position. Working as a learning center coordinator and a writing program coordinator, she has kept students and student learning at the heart of her career. Her publications include chapters in Dr. Macauley's texts on writing center administration and journal articles that outline a variety of best teaching practices. She served three terms as a president of a regional organization and donated her services to a variety of academic organizations. Outside interests include serving the American Red Cross, kayaking, traveling, and photography.

CRLA Activities: Dr. Bickford has been a member of CRLA at both the national and local levels for most of her career. As director of academic services, she obtained CRLA's certification for her peer tutoring staff for all three levels. She has served as a proposal reviewer since 2016, and over the years, she has offered ten presentations and six workshops for the national conference and seven presentations for the regional conference -- many incorporating undergraduate research students as co-presenters. Dr. Bickford has been the coordinator for the special interest group (SIG) for educational technology and distance learning and an invited speaker for CRLA's "Ask a Mentor" luncheon since 2017. In 2021, Dr. Bickford won the Karen G. Smith Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Services.

Goal Statement: CRLA maintains a prominent position among learning center professionals across the country, and as such, upholding the benefits, opportunities, certification programs, and cooperative spirit of the organization is paramount to the organization's long-term success. Sustaining CRLA's positive professional image and reputation would be an honor. My experience, however, has been that learning center administrators have been, and are, challenged by a lack of standardization in the field. Different job descriptions, responsibilities, titles, and salaries allow for creative opportunities; nonetheless, it is impossible to be successful when we work only as individuals. Collaboration is synonymous with success, and this position provides infinite opportunities to facilitate ways in which schools and centers might come together to help one another. As president, I would explore opportunities to increase student participation, undergraduate research, and ways to boost contingent faculty member engagement. For instance, workshops and discussions should continue throughout the year, and I welcome the opportunity to work with schools on their home campuses and through virtual technologies as we work through our challenges together. We were in difficult times prior to COVID, so as we enter the post-pandemic phase, working together to address these issues (and others) will be an essential part of my task and our future together over the next three years.

Candidates for Treasurer


 Laura Everett

Present Affiliation & Education: Laura Everett currently serves as Associate Director of Academic Support Programs at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She holds a Master of Arts in Near Eastern Studies from the University of Arizona and a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Ms. Everett is currently pursuing a Master of Education in Higher Education Administration from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Experience: Ms. Everett’s career has centered on peer educators in learning assistance. In her current role Ms. Everett oversees the Supplemental Instruction and Tutoring Services programs. Her previous positions include Program Coordinator for the grant-funded Math Matters program, which utilized an emporium model for first-year students testing into introductory College Algebra. Before relocating to Texas, Ms. Everett was Tutoring Services Coordinator at THINK TANK at the University of Arizona. In each of these positions, Ms. Everett has contributed to the development and continuity of CRLA’s ITTPC or IPTPC certifications.

CRLA Activities: Ms. Everett is an enthusiastic CRLA member. Over twelve years of membership in CRLA, she has served the organization with increasing levels of responsibility. She served as the Special Interest Group (SIG) leader for Learning Assistance Center Management from 2012-2015. During this time, the Learning Assistance Center Management SIG provided morning pre-conference sessions designed to 1) support practitioners new to the field and 2) provide professional presentation experience to SIG members. In 2014, Ms. Everett stepped into the newly-formed SIG Coordinator role and served 2 consecutive terms. As SIG Coordinator, Ms. Everett supported SIG Leaders in their communication with their respective SIG Members, promoted SIGs at the national conference, and supported the recruitment and training of conference reviewers. She further trained and supported SIG Leaders in their role of assessing reviewer feedback for each proposal and recommending proposals to the Conference Chair. In 2017 this effort was formally recognized when Ms. Everett was awarded the Karen G. Smith Special Recognition Award.

Goal Statement: CRLA has provided me with so many professional development opportunities. If elected, I am committed to providing transparent and timely documentation and communication regarding of the use of funds by CRLA. I am very excited by the opportunity to serve CRLA in a deeper capacity and will do so to the best of my ability.