Are you interested in the direction of CRLA's publications and ready to take CRLA into the next decade? Do you have 3 years of CRLA membership and some CRLA leadership experience?

We seek a Publications Director to help CRLA navigate some major publication updates-- including a new edition of the Tutor and Mentor Handbook.  It is expected that the Publications Director is experienced in editorship, management of professional publications, and familiar with the types of journals, white papers, and other written projects undertaken by the Association. Term will begin at the conclusion of the 2019 Annual Conference in November.

(Approved November 2012)


The Publications Director will be appointed by the President and shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors. The Director must be a CRLA member in good standing to serve.

Application for this position includes a cover letter to the CRLA Board, CV, letter of institutional support, and sample materials supporting the application, such as previously published articles and edited publications. For information about the position, please contact Melissa Thomas at Applications should be directed to Page Keller at

The term of office is three years and may be renewed.

Minimum Qualifications

The Publications Director must have been a member of CRLA for three years and had some CRLA leadership experience (committee chair, Publications Committee member, etc.). It is expected that the Publications Director is experienced in editorship; management of professional publications; and familiar with the types of journals, white papers, and other written projects undertaken by the Association.

Requirements include the following:

  1. Monitors all official publications of the Association.
  2. Studies, proposes, and implements plans for improving the effectiveness and significance of publications.
  3. Establishes and implements publication and editorial policy and practice as defined by the objectives of the Association (in collaboration with the Publications Committee).
  4. Oversees the quality of content, format, production, and schedule of publications in collaboration with the Publications Committee and in an advisory role, while acknowledging that the appointed editors shall make final decisions regarding the contents of their publications.
  5. Seeks other publishing opportunities and sponsorships such as white papers and CRLA-sponsored publications (e.g., The Tutor and Mentor Training Handbook), as well as seek venues for the publications of said documents, in collaboration with the Publications Committee.
  6. Recommends to the CRLA Board, who, in turn, appoints voting members of the Publications Committee.

Additionally, the Director shall do the following:

  1. Attend all board meetings.
  2. Develop the agenda for all meetings of the Publications Committee.
  3. Advise CRLA editors on editorial policy and practice.
  4. Advise CRLA Treasurer on financial affairs related to CRLA publications.
  5. Prepare and submit an annual budget to the Treasurer.
  6. Conduct a search for editorship vacancies at the fall conference one year prior to the date on which individuals are to assume responsibilities.
  7. Maintain a timeline for CRLA publications and personnel to be shared with the Publications Committee and the Board of Directors (see below).
  8. Confer, as necessary, with the President, Editors, Publications Committee, Board of Directors, and other parties.
  9. Perform tasks other than the ones specified above upon the request of the President or Board of Directors.
  10. Serve as the primary liaison with Taylor & Francis, the publisher of JCRL.

General Responsibilities of all CRLA Board members

  1. Maintain current membership in CRLA throughout term of office.
  2. Attend all CRLA Board Meetings
    1. Annual conference meetings before and after the conference
    2. On-site Conference meeting in the spring;
    3. Monthly online meetings;
    4. Any other assigned meetings such as a retreat.
  3. Attend all CRLA Conference which includes special conference events and the annual business meetings.
  4. Provide input into agendas, policies, procedures, discussions, appointments, and reports.
  5. Submit an annual report by September 30th of each year.
  6. Submit a projected budget to the Treasurer by December 15th of each year.
  7. Attend assigned conferences or meetings as approved by the CRLA Board.
  8. Submit copies of appropriate correspondence or reports to the archives (as determined by official CRLA policy).
  9. Sign a conflict of interest statement according to Article 5, Section 3, of the CRLA Bylaws and to be filed with the Secretary of CRLA.
  10. Revise any suggested changes to job description during term and update job description at end of term. Provide to CRLA Secretary.
  11. Work with the Board during the year before the end of term to identify and mentor a successor.
  12. Any other specific duties assigned by the Board.

Reimbursement for Conference and Board Meeting Expenses

  • All reasonable transportation, hotel, meal expenses, and conference registration will be covered for the annual conference.  This includes incoming Board members.
  • Membership fees are the responsibility of each Board member and are not reimbursed by CRLA unless they are a lifetime member.
  • All reasonable transportation, hotel, and meal expenses will be covered for travel on CRLA business such as attendance at state conferences, or sister organizations meetings.

Accepting this position allows CRLA to publish name, work address, and work telephone number.

 (Revised September 2014)