SIG Leader(s)

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Position is open: To increase awareness of and provide space for discussion and sharing on various topics related to multicultural issues and diversity in higher education and how these concerns encounter and influence learning and student success in college.

Members are encouraged to share their practical experience and perspectives along with critical research and publication on any matter related to multiculturalism, broadly defined (e.g. race and racial identity; gender and gender identity; international student concerns; trauma culture; underprepared students and affirmative action programs and services, etc.).

Members are also encouraged to bring to the forefront of SIG discussions those concerns that are most controversial and need space for focused deliberation within the CRLA through SIG activities, conference proposals and publication in CRLA journal.


Activities include a publication of a quarterly newsletter, the exchange of information between members, and sharing of ideas and concerns through networking on SIG email listserve; networking at the conference; and through SIG-sponsored conference activities, such as the SIG luncheon, sessions, and a roundtable.