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Manuscript Preparation: Feature Articles

Feature articles include theoretical analyses and reports of original research. All articles should connect theory, research, and practice.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

Submission Guidelines

  • Writing, citation, and documentation style must follow the APA Publication Manual (6th edition) guidelines; manuscripts not conforming to APA may be returned without review.
  • Acceptable text file format is Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx, etc.).
  • Authors are responsible for the accuracy of all the statements in their manuscript as well as obtaining permissions for reprinting figures or quotations that exceed fair use regulations.
  • Previously published articles or manuscripts under consideration elsewhere cannot be considered.
  • Figures and tables should be all black and white and should be submitted as separate files as well as embedded in the manuscript itself. A short descriptive title should appear above each table with a clear legend and any footnotes suitably identified below. All units must be included. Figures should be completely labeled, taking into account necessary size reduction.
  • Images or graphics should be sent as separate files and should be 300 dpi or higher, sized to fit on the journal page, EPS, TIFF, or PSD format only.
  • Color art will be reproduced in color in the online publication at no additional cost to the author. Color illustrations will also be considered for print publication; however, the author will be required to bear the full cost involved in color art reproduction. Please note that color reprints can only be ordered if print reproduction costs are paid. Print Rates: $900 for the first page of color; $450 per page for the next three pages of color. A custom quote will be provided for articles with more than four pages of color. Art not supplied at a minimum of 300 dpi will not be considered for print.

Information for Authors

  • Authors are required to secure permission to reproduce any figure, table, or extract from the text of another source. This applies to direct reproduction as well as "derivative reproduction" (where an author has created a new figure or table which derives substantially from a copyrighted source).
  • Manuscripts do not generally exceed 6,000 words.
  • Authors should submit the following:
    • a masked version of the manuscript, including references and an abstract of up to 125 words (no author information should be included).
    • an unmasked version of the manuscript with a cover page that includes the manuscript title, all authors' names, institutional affiliations, and full contact information for the first (contact) author.

JCRL Forum

The JCRL Forum welcomes a wide range of manuscripts, from those that are theoretically based, research-supported practice, to those that review or respond critically to recently published manuscripts or issues in the field. The purpose of the Forum is to invite nontraditional manuscripts that create and sustain interesting theoretical and pedagogical discussions.

Submissions to the Forum should be no more than 2,500 words in length and do not include abstracts. Forum publications are selected through consensus of the JCRL Editorial team. As with all manuscripts, authors are required to follow the 6th edition of the APA Publications Manual.

Manuscript Submission

The Journal of College Reading and Learning receives all manuscript submissions electronically via its ScholarOne site located at ScholarOne allows for rapid submission of original and revised manuscripts and facilitates the review process and internal communication between authors, editors, and reviewers via a web-based platform. ScholarOne technical support can be accessed at .

Inquiries should be directed to the editorial team at

Review Process

An email message or letter will acknowledge manuscript receipt. The review process begins with an initial evaluation by the editorial team to determine appropriateness and suitability for JCRL. Appropriate manuscripts are then sent out to members of the JCRL editorial review board for a double-masked peer review. Following this, the editorial team will provide a decision and feedback to authors.

If accepted for masked review, the manuscript will be sent to at least two reviewers; typically, one has broad general knowledge of the field and one has expertise in the particular topic or methodology. Within three months, authors can expect to receive one of four decisions: (a) manuscript acceptance, (b) conditional acceptance with revision, (c) non-acceptance with an invitation for revision and resubmission for another round of review, or (d) non-acceptance and recommendation for submission to a different publication. Reviewers aim to provide authors with helpful feedback for manuscript revision and future manuscript preparation. Manuscripts that fail to follow submission guidelines will not be reviewed. Manuscripts must not be under consideration by another journal or published elsewhere.

Submissions are evaluated along the following criteria:

  • Relevance and importance to JCRL readers
  • Adequacy of conceptual framework
  • Appropriateness and competence of method
  • Accuracy of interpretations and conclusions
  • Links between theory, research, or policy and practice
  • Clarity of organization and vigor of style
  • Originality of contribution


Page proofs are sent to the designated author using Taylor & Francis' Central Article Tracking System (CATS). They must be carefully checked and returned within 48 hours of receipt.

Reprint and Issues

Authors for whom we receive a valid email address will be provided an opportunity to purchase reprints of individual articles or copies of the complete print issue. These authors will also be given complimentary access to their final article on Taylor & Francis Online.


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